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The Mouse Daughter (First Act)

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There’s a fable I have heard often in my childhood about a childless holy man who takes home a mouse to his wife – and with their powers, they transform her into a perfect little girl, the one they’ longed for and never had.  She’s all things beautiful and wonderful, and brings joy to their lives.

When their daughter is of age, the holy man tries to interest her in marrying: first the grandest suitor, the Sun (she won’t have him because she’ll be burnt to a crisp).  The Sun then suggests the next mightiest suitor, the Cloud (she won’t have him because she’s daunted by his thunder), who in turn recommends Wind (who’s always on the move, and what good is an absent husband?), who thinks of Mountain (so cold, made of stone!).  Mountain in jest mentions the mere mouse, who’s not really worthy of consideration at all.

In exasperation, the holy man suggest that his daughter might as well marry the mouse – and she promptly agrees.

“I see myself in him – and he sees me.”

Which just goes to show you – like calls to like, no matter how it’s been transformed.



Written by marginfades

May 16, 2012 at 11:06 pm

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