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A Section of Sleep

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During a particularly fraught college semester, I jokingly mentioned to my lab classmates that a required course for our major ought to be a three credit hours of utter quiet and solitude (an hour every other day), with a recitation section of actual sleep (at least an hour each day – preferably during the afternoon). As much time as we were spending in an upper division chemistry course – not to mention the hours spent on sorting through homework and reports for the rest of our coursework, this minute amount seemed reasonable.

With the exuberance (and energy) of youth, we laughed and moved on with our work, bleary-eyed and ready for a break – yet soldiering on anyway. Years later, I read a story about sleep pods in New York, born of a similar idea in Japan. I wondered why I hadn’t capitalized on the idea.


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May 11, 2012 at 9:13 am

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