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There was that day that I dragged you past the window display and showed you – look, so perfect, delicious. exactly what I want!

Several days after that, I pointedly mentioned the virtues of gourmet versus generic, the quality of a smaller offering, thoughtfully wrapped, rather than a large garish homage of obvious ostentation.

Not a word from you on that day – our first together to celebrate our young, playful love – and by dusk, I’d given up fearing or fuming. I’d simply given (you) up (for dead).

And the next day, when you did show with a sheepish grin and a discounted box of pithy, chalky declarations, I swallowed them like antacid, and resolved to try – just once more – to school you.

That was the year you actually remembered.

You never have, since.

By flickr user bored-now


Inspired by a Scintilla project prompt, and written for WordCount2012.


Written by marginfades

May 3, 2012 at 11:03 pm

Posted in Food

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